Wound Care

Chronic wounds can cause various health complications. Not only are wounds uncomfortable causing frequent wound dressings but risks you for local and systemic infections. In many cases patients suffer from chronic wounds for years and have been through varying treatments which simply have not got the job done. Whatever situation you may have found yourself in, rest assured that there is help available.

At Cure Physical Therapy we take a thorough medical history, review current labs, and make sure we find the root cause of your wound and apply to most current medical treatments. We can effectively assess and determine possible causes of a wound and why it has not resolved. Regardless of the location or type of wound you are suffering from our office will determine the appropriate plan of care.

We currently have therapists at both of our locations which have completed extensive training through the National Alliance of Wound Care (NAWC) to become Wound Care Certified (WCC). With this qualification you can assure that professionals with the appropriate education and expertise will be working with you.

When you think of wound care you typically would not think of a Physical Therapist but rather a nurse or physician to complete your treatment. Wound care in fact is included is our practice act as a Physical Therapist and is a common area of practice addressed in our field. Commonly wounds need to be addressed several times per week which makes regular visits to a nurse or physician difficult. This is not the case at Cure Physical Therapy where we commonly see patients multiple times per week to allow the most efficient treatment for your wound.

Please call our office for any specific questions regarding your specific case or to set up an evaluation.